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The feasibility study obtained by visiting your home provides you with a free estimate. If planning permission is required then we will apply to the local authority on your behalf. When permission is granted we will then finalise our structural plans and calculations and forward them to the council.

Regarding the party wall agreement (party wall act 1996): this can be circumvented informally by advising your neighbours of your intention and inspecting the condition of their walls and ceilings. 95% of neighbours will agree to this. Otherwise a party wall surveyor can be appointed by yourselves or your neighbour at a fee starting from £600. The local council will provide a pamphlet for further information. We will erect scaffolding in accordance with health and safety regulations.

An aperture is caught in the front slope of the roof to lay temporary flooring whilst the works are being carried out and usually where the new fire escape window will be located. The materials and steel beams are then transported into the loft space to temporarily support the roof and install the steel beams, floor joists and roof supports. The dormer is then erected and associated works begun.

When the major works are completed we then carefully cut out the ceiling above the existing staircase and install the new staircase, finish off plastering and carpentry and install the fire regulation devices. All guttering is then checked for leaks and the roof is completely checked. All debris is then removed from the site and the scaffolding taken down.

Most loft conversions can be carried out under a building notice by providing the local authority with plans and engineers calculations. Usually 48 hours is sufficient time to inform them before commencing the work. The council charges approximately 450 pounds to visit the site and inspect the works, including issuing a certificate of compliance upon completion. Building regulations include fire regulations, electrical Part P. regulations and plumbing regulations. Whether you need planning permission or not you will always need to have the work checked by the building control officer as the work progresses and at the final visit upon completion.

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